On 10.03.2021 the "Scorpius" completed her docking at the Kuzey Star shipyard in Turkey. In addition to the normal shipyard activities, a BWTS from Erma First was also installed. In the course of the docking, the "Scorpius" was also renamed from "JPO Scorpius" to her current name.

The picture shows the “Scorpius” in her first port of loading after the docking (Livorno).

On 24.11.2020 the "JPO Aquarius" completed her docking at the Xinya shipyard in China. Besides the normal shipyard activities, a BWTS from Erma First was also installed. The "JPO Aquarius" was the first ship in the recent history of our shipping company to be docked again after 20 years and to be prepared for the next five years.

On 06.01.2021 the Teal Hunter was sold to Wan Hai Lines. We are glad that the ship will nevertheless remain in our technical management. As part of the sale, the name of the ship was changed to "Wan Hai 521". From now on the ship will sail under the flag of Singapore.



On 02.12.2020 we received the MV "Neokastro" into our technical management. The ship is a sister to the "Toucan Hunter" and "Teal Hunter" and went to the COSCO CHI shipyard in Shanghai, China directly after her delivery from sellers. The docking was finished on 25.12.2020. As on the other ships of our fleet, which were in the shipyard this year, also on the "Neokastro" a BWTS from Erma First was installed.

On 31.12.2020 our managing director of many years, Jan Oltmann, had his last working day in our office and was seen off by the staff into his well-deserved retirement. Jan Oltmann started working in our company in 1973 as an OS on the MV Antje Oltmann and was managing director of the shipping company since 1993. He was highly appreciated by the entire office staff and crews on board our ships for his leadership qualities, his empathetic understanding and his open ear. With him, the shipping company loses an important pillar of many years. Lukas Oltmann, son of Peter Oltmann, will replace him as Managing Director as of 01.01.2021 and will now manage the shipping company together with his father. We wish him all the best for his retirement and hope that he will still visit us regularly!

On 22.12.2020, the "JPO Pisces" was called to a maritime emergency. 10 castaways were floating in a life raft in the South China Sea. Despite bad weather conditions (visibility 2nm, wind force 6-7), Captain Dinu and his crew managed to find the castaways and take them on board. The rescued sailors were provided with food, water and dry clothes and are well. Currently, the ship is on its way to Yantian where the rescued seafarers will be given ashore. We thank Captain Dinu and his crew for their efforts. The crew as well as the rescued seamen will remember this day for a long time.