• Meta Maria
  • Genius
  • Aurora
  • Anna vor Ven

1836 Jürgen Oltmann sen., born 1803, ordered the skull "Meta-Maria" from the shipbuilder Peter Mahler in Dornbusch. He was sailing with the vessel until his death in1867. It is the first vessel of the Shipping Company Oltmann and at the same time the second oldest (proven) vessel which had been build in Kehdingen. On 01.02.2862 his son Jürgen Oltmann jun., born 1832, bought the two-mast skull "Aurora". He sailed with the vessel in the North Sea and Baltic Sea until he ceased from his profession in 1907.

His son, Theodor Oltmann, born 1858, purchased in 1896 the spanker skull "Zufriedenheit" which he possessed few years only. In 1900 he ordered at the skull shipyard Klaus Schulz in Dornbusch the spanker skull "Genius". The vessel is sold in 1919 by him, when he retired from being seaman.


Johannes (Hans) Oltmann, born. 1891, son of Theodor, was shareholder of the schooner "Anna". Only two years later he bought in cooperation with his brother Jürgen the gaff schooner "Hanni". At 1927 the three-mast schooner "Antje" had been purchased, "Hanni" was sold. All three sailingvessels had been equipped with small engines for propulsion. Following to the selling of "Antje", Johannes (Hans) Oltmann ordered at the shipyard C. Lühring, Kirchhammelwarden/Germany the "Antje Oltmann". This is the first motorvessel, which however still has supporting sails.


A new era begins. The Stader Schiffswerft delivers 1955 the coaster "Hans Oltmann" und son Gerhard Oltmann, born 1923, is managing the shipping company with his father Hans Oltmann. 1962 the shipyard J.J.Sietas in Hamburg/Neuenfelde delivers the newbuilding "Anneliese Oltmann" to the partnership Gerhard and Hans Oltmann. Three years later the same shipyard is delivering the mortorship "Antje Oltmann".


Gerhard Oltmann continues to enlarge the shipping company and with MV "Karen Oltmann" one of the first full-container vessel of the german fleet was inaugurated. The containerization is going on and except the vessels MV "Anneliese Oltmann" (2nd) and MV "Genius" only full-containervessels are added to the shipping company's fleet.


Now the 6. Generation is taking over. Since 1836 all generations had been masters and active seamen. Jan Oltmann, born 1955, and Peter Oltmann, born 1958, are now managing the company. The office is moving from the original location in Dornbusch to Fredenbeck and in 2009 the new office at the old port of the Hansestadt Stade is opened. The shipping company is operating midsize containervessels and as a new segment also bulkcarriers.