On 09.10.2020 the "JPO Libra" completed her docking at the Xinya shipyard in China. In addition to the normal shipyard activities, a BWTS from Erma First was also installed. Furthermore, the underwater hull was coated with a silicone paint to reduce frictional resistance during operation, as was previously applied on the sister ship "JPO Pisces".

On 09.10.2020, the JPO Aries assisted in a Search and Rescue Operation near the Canary Islands. At 03:20 UTC a radio message was received from the MRCC Las Palmas asking them to assist in the search for a small rubber boat. The ship under the command of Captain Eickmeier responded to this request and located the rubber boat about one hour later and remained on site until a rescue ship of the local authorities was on scene. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Captain Eickmeier and his crew for their efforts!

On 30.09.2020, the "Independent Quest" completed her docking at the Lisnave Estaleiros Navais shipyard in Setubal, Portugal. In addition to the normal shipyard activities, a BWTS from Erma First and an optimized propeller from MMG were installed. In the course of the docking and against the background of the new long-term charter, the ship name was changed from "JPO Leo" to "Independent Quest".

In August of this year, a further 25 years of service was celebrated on board of the Vela. The 2nd officer Erin Maurin was congratulated on behalf of the shipping company by Captain Weyna for his many years of service in our company. During this celebration, 2/O Maurin was also presented with a certificate and a gift. We thank Mr. Maurin for his loyalty as well as his good work in the best sense for our shipping company.


Our employees Mr. Dräger and Mrs. Hartmann celebrated their 10th anniversary with us on August 1st, 2020. Mr. Dräger and Mrs. Hartmann have been working for the company for a decade now. We thank them for their valuable cooperation and reliable work in the best sense for our company.

On 29.04.2020 the “VELA” has completed her scheduled docking in the Xinya shipyard at Zhoushan. Apart from the regular docking works, a BWTS from maker Erma First was installed.