Coypright : Valerie Cannon

We are happy to announce that now the 50th cremember celebrated his 10th year of employment in our company. Our Bosun George T. Tribo is, same as his 49 colleagues before him, since 10 years crewmember on board our vessels, recently on board "JPO Gemini". We were able to present to him a small gift through our Manila representatives and we hope that Bosun Tribo will continue with us longest possible.

Our vessels "JPO Cancer" and "JPO Capricornus" had been drydocked for the first time after nearly 7.5 years. The hullcondition is clearly better than expected and consequently the extended drydocking is an operative success.

On 22.06.2012 our MV "JPO VULPECULA" received a Mayday call. Under the command of Captain Bilango the vessel deviated with maximum speed to the emergency position about 110 nm north of the Christmas Islands and managed to rescue 27 castaways from a capsized vessel. The rescued persons had been discharged later to the Australian authorities on Christmas Islands. We like to congratulate Capt. Bilango and his entire crew for this successful rescue operation.