The City of Stade, residenz of of our company, purchased an E-Mobile. We are glad to be a co-sponsor and havin assisted Stade in this matter.

This week the vessels "JPO Aquarius" and "JPO Aries" had been reflagged to Portugal / Registry of Madeira. Now totally 7 vessels of our fleet are flying EU-Flags

MV "JPO Canopus" is arriving in Hamburg

The "UASC Ajman" ("JPO Taurus") has been reflagged to Portugal / Homeport Madeira on 14.01.2014, following as second company vessel to the "JPO Virgo". By this the company fulfills with a next step the demands of the EU-policy. On 05.02.2014 the third vessel follows which is the "JPO Volans"

Skyfoto taken by Iain Campbell (C) during a air/ship drill in European waters

Coypright : Valerie Cannon