This week the vessels "JPO Aquarius" and "JPO Aries" had been reflagged to Portugal / Registry of Madeira. Now totally 7 vessels of our fleet are flying EU-Flags

MV "JPO Canopus" is arriving in Hamburg

The "UASC Ajman" ("JPO Taurus") has been reflagged to Portugal / Homeport Madeira on 14.01.2014, following as second company vessel to the "JPO Virgo". By this the company fulfills with a next step the demands of the EU-policy. On 05.02.2014 the third vessel follows which is the "JPO Volans"

Skyfoto taken by Iain Campbell (C) during a air/ship drill in European waters

Coypright : Valerie Cannon

We are happy to announce that now the 50th cremember celebrated his 10th year of employment in our company. Our Bosun George T. Tribo is, same as his 49 colleagues before him, since 10 years crewmember on board our vessels, recently on board "JPO Gemini". We were able to present to him a small gift through our Manila representatives and we hope that Bosun Tribo will continue with us longest possible.