Capt. F. Jimenez, Owner's Representative in Manila, is now working for our company with his full engagement and support for 25 years. His first contract on board the MV "Genius" as Chief Officer under the command of Capt. Jan Oltmann started in 1992. We thank Capt. Jimenez for this outstanding service throughout all these years. In course of the company's Christmas party in Manila we presented a memorial plaque and gift to him


JPO Virgo in Youtube

The crew of the JPO Volans in Drydock and a view of the hull



















The second vessel which we are running under the German Flag is now the "JPO Volans" under the command of Capt. Bockelmann


The "JPO Taurus" is now for the first time flying the German Flag. Under the command of Capt. Meyer the change of flag took place in NewZeeland. The vessel is now also a training vessel for cadets. The change of flag was possible due to the improved conditions for the German Flag

Our employee Mr. Resinger celebrated on 13.11.2016 his 10th anniversary I our company. We thank Mr. Resinger for his valuable cooperation and reliable work for the best result of our shipping company